Fitness TestingHealth Fitness Diagnostics advanced DXA body composition assessment replaces the BMI and other indirect techniques by directly measuring all three tissue components: bone mass, fat mass, and lean (muscle) mass. The results present as a fat mass index (FMI) relative to the three tissue components, also including height, weight and gender in the analysis.

This analysis can be useful for people on weight loss regimens related to diet, exercise, and/or bariatric interventions.  Additionally, athletic training progress can be tracked for those athletes who need to see if they are making the desired progress. This testing can evaluate progress in the individual extremities as well as the central core.

One other important clinical assessment is regarding visceral adipose tissue (VAT).  Visceral fat is deposited around the organs within the abdominal cavity.  High concentrations of this fat are associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and these patients do not have to look outwardly obese to have a high VAT score.

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