Health ScreeningA combination of incentives by the federal government to improve population health and recommendations from the nation’s leading medical specialty organizations, has increased the demand for health screenings.  Pueblo Radiology offers the following tests to help detect and / or assess disease in its earliest and most treatable stage.  Many of these tests, performed on a CT scanner, are now possible due to the significant reduction in radiation required.  Advances in CT technology have dropped radiation dose by 50-80%.  The tests include:

  • Cardiac scoring – starting in 1996 with the first multi-slice CT scanner on the Central Coast, Pueblo Radiology has offered this screening exam that evaluates calcium deposits in the coronary (heart) vessels.  The calcium “load” is scored and this correlates to the risk of having underlying coronary artery disease. For more information click HERE.
  • Lung Cancer Screening – Pueblo is an accredited Lung Cancer Screening facility and we scan those patients at high risk for lung disease based on a history of cigarette smoking. For more information click HERE.
  • Stroke screening (by ultrasound) – this test involves scanning the neck (carotid arteries) for plaque, the abdominal aorta for aneurysm, and the legs for narrowing or blockage of the arterial vessels.  We offer this test to give patients and physicians an alternative to the parking lot scans you see advertised in drug stores, on flyers and in newspapers.  Our services are performed by licensed sonographers, interpreted by board certified radiologists, and performed in a facility with new equipment that has passed the scrutiny of a third party to become certified. For more information click HERE.
  • DXA – bone density testing by DXA is routinely done to assess bone density in healthy individuals as well as those individuals who take medications to fortify their osteoporotic condition.  This screening test is covered by most insurance companies on a periodic basis.

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